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emotional chemistry

bbc books #128

Written by: Simon A Forward

Publication Date: 6 October 2003
ISBN: 0 563 48608 2
Pages: 288

back cover blurb

'Love! Surely one of the most destructive forces in the universe. There's nothing a man -- or woman -- won't do for true love.'

1812: The Vishenkov household, along with the rest of Moscow, faces the advance of Napoleon Bonaparte. At their heart is the radiant Dusha, a source of inspiration -- and more besides -- for them all. But family friend, Captain Padorin, is acting like a man possessed -- by the Devil.

2024: Fitz is under interrogation regarding a burglary and fire at the Kremlin. The Doctor has disappeared in the flames. Colonel Bugayev is investigating a spate of antique thefts on top of which he now has a time-travel mystery to unravel.

5000: Lord General Razum Kinzhal is ready to set in motion the final stages of a world war. More than the enemy, his fellow generals of the Icelandic Alliance fear what such a man might do in peacetime.

What can bridge these disparate events in time? Love will find a way. But the Doctor must find a better alternative. Before love sets the world on fire.