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deadly reunion

bbc books #129

Written by: Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts

Publication Date: 1 November 2003
ISBN: 0 563 48610 4
Pages: 288

Main Characters: The Third Doctor, Jo and UNIT

back cover blurb

'With one glance he will destroy your body and wither your soul.'

Second-Lieutenant Lethbridge-Stewart gets more than he bargained for when he is assigned to map out Greek islands at the end of the Second World War. Even if he lives to tell the tale, will he remember it?

Years later, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and his colleagues at UNIT investigate a spate of unexplained deaths and murders. Meanwhile, the Third Doctor and Jo are caught up in strange events in the small English Village of HobĘs Haven.

As preparations get underway for a massive pop concert, a sinister cult prepares for a day of reckoning ū business as usual for UNIT. But can the Brigadier help prevent the end of the world? His friends and colleagues are not so sure, because this time, the Brigadier has fallen in love...