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the new adventures (virgin) #072

Written by: Dave Stone

Publication Date: 19 March 1998
ISBN: 0 426 20522 7
Pages: 244

back cover blurb

Roz snarled up into the face of her abductor. 'If you touch me I'll kill you. Who are you? Just what the hell is going on?'

The blond man looked down at her with a mixture of what looked like fear and pain. 'My name's Chris Cwej,' he said. 'And as to what's going on, hell is probably as good a word for it as any.'

Something has burst through the worn and patchwork fabric of the universe, like a high-velocity round through a rotten apple. The timelines are cut loose and whipsawing - alternative pasts, presents and futures clicing through the world we think of as real.

At the centre of the distruption three adventurers, Nathan li Shao, Leetha and Kiru, are trapped on a parallel Earth - flung from one twisted alternative to another by a man called Deed, who has usurped the power of the Godhead. If their friend Sgloomi Po cannot reach them in time they will be obliterated. Deed is attempting to forge his own reality and consign all others to oblivion.

To help end the chaos, Sgloomi has assembled a number of old friends: Bernice Summerfield, the feckless Jason Kane and Christopher Rodonante Cwej... but there has been one small mistake. A miscalculation has placed someone among them who should not be there. Someone who should be dead.