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the city of the dead

bbc books #094

Written by: Lloyd Rose

Publication Date: 3 September 2001
ISBN: 0 563 53839 2
Pages: 278

back cover blurb

'Nothing can get into the TARDIS,' the Doctor whispered.

Then he realized that Nothing had.

New Orleans, the early 21st century. A dealer in morbid artifacts has been murdered. A charm carved from human bone is missing. An old plantation, miles from any water, has been destroyed by a tidal wave.

While Anji goes dancing, Fitz goes grave-robbing. The Doctor attracts the interest of a homicide detective and the enmity of a would-be magician. He wants to find out the secret of the redneck thief and his blind wife. Heăd like to help the crippled curator of a museum of magic. And heăs trying to refuse politely the request by a crazy young artist that he pose naked with the manăs wife.

Most of all, he needs to figure out what all of them have to do with the Void that is hunting him down.

Before it catches him.