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big finish doctor who audio adventures #025

Director: Gary Russell
Producer: Gary Russell
Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Writer: Steve Lyons

Release Date: October 2001
Duration: 107' 20"

Main Characters: the Seventh Doctor and Ace

cast information

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor); Sophie Aldred (Ace); Tracey Childs (Klein); David Tennant (Feldwebel Kurtz); Toby Longworth (Hauptmann Julius Sch§fer); Nicholas Young (Flying Officer Bill Gower); Peter Rae (Timothy Wilkins);

crew information

Jacqueline Rayner (Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide); Toby Richards (Music Composition); Toby Richards (Sound Design); Toby Richards (Post Production); Emily Baker (Music Composition); Emily Baker (Sound Design); Emily Baker (Post Production); Alistair Lock (Recording); Alistair Lock (CD Mastering); Clayton Hickman (Front Cover);

episode information

Title Duration Blurb
Part One 25' 47" The TARDIS lands in 1944, in the courtyard of Germany's most infamous World War II prison camp. A shot rings out...
Part Two 26' 49" The Doctor is forced to make an agonising choice. Has his very presence in Colditz Castle changed history? And what are the mysterious Klein's true motives?
Part Three 26' 32" As Klein reveals her secrets, Ace puts her escape plan into action. Can the Doctor reach his friend in time to prevent a predestined tragedy?
Part Four 28' 07" The Doctor makes his final attempt to escape from Colditz Castle. But his interference has already had disastrous consequences....

back cover blurb

October 1944: As World War II draws towards its conclusion, a Nazi defeat begins to seem almost inevitable. But that might be about to change...

Two intruders are captured in the grounds of Colditz Castle, the most secure POW camp in Germany. At first, the guards think they're dealing with British spies. But the strangers arrived in an advanced travelling machine, the like of which they've never seen before.

With this TARDIS in their hands, the Third Reich might triumph after all.

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