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the fearmonger

big finish doctor who audio adventures #005

Director: Gary Russell
Producer: Gary Russell
Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Writer: Jonathan Blum

Release Date: February 2000
Duration: 100' 20"

Main Characters: the Seventh Doctor and Ace

cast information

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor); Sophie Aldred (Ace); Jacqueline Pearce (Sherilyn Harper); Hugh Walters (Roderick Allingham); Vince Henderson (Mick Thompson); Mark McDonnell (Walter Jacobs); Jack Gallagher (Alexsandr Karadjic); Mark Wright (Stephen Keyser); Jonathan Clarkson (Paul Tanner); John Ainsworth (Tannoy Voice);

crew information

Stephen Cole (Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide); Jacqueline Rayner (Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide); Alistair Lock (Music Composition); Alistair Lock (Recording); Alistair Lock (CD Mastering); Alistair Lock (Sound Design); Alistair Lock (Post Production); Clayton Hickman (Front Cover);

episode information

Title Duration Blurb
Part One 25' 52" England: during the opening years of the 21st century. The Doctor and Ace are seeking an alien entity known only as a Fearmonger -- but in doing so, become embroiled in the assassination attempts made against Sherilyn Harper, outspoken leader of the New Britannia Party.
Part Two 26' 04" The Doctor finds himself on the wrong side of the law, while Walter makes contact with the United Front. As a result, Ace finds herself shouldering a huge responsibility.
Part Three 25' 07" Roderick Allingham takes advantage of Ace's predicament to learn what he can about the terrorists from the Doctor. Paul, meanwhile, sets a trap for the Fearmonger... but his prey is not where he thinks it is.
Part Four 23' 17" While Ace prepares for her final showdown with the Fearmonger, the streets of London are torn apart by riots and tragedy. And as Mick Thompson delivers the broadcast of his career, the Doctor is putting some ingredients together and warming the pot...

back cover blurb

One would-be assassin is in a mental ward. Another's on the run. Their intended victim is stirring up the mobs. Terrorists are planning a strike of their own. A talk-radio host is loving every minute of it. A Whitehall insider whispers about a mysterious UN operative, with a hidden agenda.

Everyone's got someone they want you to be afraid of. It'll only take a little push for the situation to erupt - and something is doing the pushing. But you can trust the Doctor to put things right. Can't you?

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