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mean streets

the new adventures (virgin) #069

Written by: Terrance Dicks

Publication Date: 4 December 1997
ISBN: 0 426 20519 7
Pages: 248

back cover blurb

'It's got to be stopped; it's an abomination, a crime against humanity.'

The Project: a criminal scheme so grand in scale that it casts a shadow across a hundred worlds. So secret that once but an elusive inner circle know it nature or its purpose. It could involve drugs, computer crime or a brilliant new con. Everyone has a theory; no one really knows.

On a trip to the sprawling den of iniquity that is Megacity, an ex-Adjudicator called Roz Forrester heard of this elaborate scheme. Her interest piqued, she asked her squire to return one day with her. After all, a crime against humanity is everyone's business.

Chris Cwej is not a man to forget such a promise. His old partner may be dead, but the Project case will be one for her memory - a way to say goodbye. All he needs is a new confederate; someone ready to risk all for old times sake. Fortunately, it's the end of term and Professor Bernice Summerfield is looking for excitement. So, a new crime-fighting suo is forged in the bars of Dellah - one prepared to take on a faceless foe and expose the ultimate crime