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the new adventures (virgin) #066

Written by: Lawrence Miles

Publication Date: 18 September 1997
ISBN: 0 426 20512 X
Pages: 311

back cover blurb

'Mankind expects pain. However it seems to outsiders.'

Tyler's Folly: a colony world on the unattractive side of Earthspace, a planet wracked by earthquakes and plagues by off-world bodysnatchers. When the local authorities pull a bedraggled Professor Bernice Summerfield out of the ocean in an off-limits 'quake zone, they naturally want to know what she is doing there... but the professor can only mumble something about wooly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers.

According to Bernice, the planet is hollow, its interior inhabited by warring tribes of cavemen and strangely unconvincing prehistoric monsters. Some dark and ancient god rules this underground kingdom - albeit a dark and ancient god with a penchant for thirties pulp adventures and Saturday morning action serials.

Can Bernice's claims be true? Is Tyler's Folly really under threat from an ageless subterranean horror? And why does much of her story revolve around the utterly amoral alien known as !X?