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blood heat

the new adventures (virgin) #019

Written by: Jim Mortimore

Publication Date: 21 October 1993
ISBN: 0 426 20399 2
Pages: 304

back cover blurb

'Not men, Ace. Silurians. The original rulers of the Earth.'

The TARDIS is attacked by an alien force; Bernice is flung into the Vortex; and the Doctor and Ace crash-land on Earth.

An attack by dinosaurs convinces the Doctor that he and Ace have arrived in the Jurassic Era. But when they find a woman being hunted by intelligent reptiles, he begins to suspect that something is very wrong.

Then they meet the embittered Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, leading the remnants of UNIT in a hopeless fight against the Silurians who rule his world. and they find out that it all began when the Doctor died...