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cat's cradle: witch mark

the new adventures (virgin) #007

Written by: Andrew Hunt

Publication Date: 18 June 1992
ISBN: 0 426 20368 2
Pages: 272

back cover blurb

Spare no sympathy for those creatures. They were witches, they deserved to die.

A coach crashes on the M40. All the passengers are killed. The bodies carry no identification; they are all wearing similar new clothes. And each has a suitcase full of banknotes.

A country vet delivers a foal. The mare has a deep wound in her forehead. In the straw, the vet finds a tapered horn.

In the darkening and doomed world known to its inhabitants as Tir na n-Og, he besieged humans defend the walls of their citadel Dinorben against mythical beasts and demons.

The TARDIS's link with the Eye of Harmony is becoming ever more tenuous and is in urgent need of repair. But the time machine takes the Doctor and Ace to a village in rural Wales, and a gateway to another world.