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cat's cradle: warhead

the new adventures (virgin) #006

Written by: Andrew Cartmel

Publication Date: 16 April 1992
ISBN: 0 426 20367 4
Pages: 244

back cover blurb

The place is Earth. The time is the near future - all too near.

Industrial development has accelerated out of all control, spawning dangerous new technologies and laying the planet to waste. While the inner cities collapse in guerilla warfare, a dark age of superstition dawns.

As destruction of the environment reaches the point of no return, multinational corporations and super-rich individuals unite in a last desperate effort - not to save humankind, but to buy themselves immortality in a poisoned world.

If Earth is to survive, somebody has to stop them.

From London to New York to Turkey, Ace follows the Doctor as he prepares, finally, to strike back.