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a device of death

the missing adventures (virgin) #031

Written by: Christopher Bulis

Publication Date: 20 February 1997
ISBN: 0 426 20501 4
Pages: 259

Main Characters: The Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan

Setting: between Genesis of the Daleks and Revenge of the Cybermen

back cover blurb

'As a member of an inferior race, you either work to serve the cause of Averon, or Die.'

Sarah is marooned on a slave world where the only escape is death. Harry is caught in the middle of an interplanetary invasion, and had to combine medicine with a desperate mission. And the Doctor lands on a world so secret it does not even have a name.

Why have the TARDIS crew been scattered across the stars? What terrible accident could have wiped the Doctor's memory? And what could interest the Time Lords in this war-torn sector of space?

At the heart of a star-spanning conspiracy lies an ancient quest: people have been making weapons since the dawn of time - but perhaps someone has finally discovered the ultimate device of death.