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the eye of the giant

the missing adventures (virgin) #021

Written by: Christopher Bulis

Publication Date: 18 April 1996
ISBN: 0 426 20469 7
Pages: 315

Main Characters: The Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, Mike Yates and UNIT

Setting: between Inferno and Terror of the Autons

back cover blurb

'I might have known it,' the Brigadier said tersely. 'The Doctor and Miss Shaw have managed to lose themselves on an island that doesn't exist.'

1934: Salutua, a legendary lost island in the Pacific. Millionaire Marshal J Grover's expedition arrives to uncover and exploit its secrets. But the task is complicated by a film star's fears and ambitions and a scientist's lethal obsession.

Nearly forty years later: UNIT headquarters, London. The Doctor and Liz Shaw are asked to identify a mysterious artefact and trace its origin. The trail leads them back in time to Salutua and a gigantic discovery. Meanwhile, the Brigadier faces and epidemic of UFO sightings and supernatural occurrences that threaten to bring about global panic. Only the Doctor can help him - but he's trapped on a mythical island four decades in the past.