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the man in the velvet mask

the missing adventures (virgin) #019

Written by: Daniel O'Mahony

Publication Date: 15 February 1996
ISBN: 0 426 20461 1
Pages: 250

Main Characters: The First Doctor and Dodo

Setting: between The Savages and The War Machines

back cover blurb

'The triumph of virtue. The misfortunes of vice. Who said the play had to be by the book?'

24 Messidor, XXII: the TARDIS has landed in post-revolutionary France, or so it appears. But the futuristic structure of the New Bastille towers over a twisted version of Paris. And First Deputy Minski, adopted son of the infamous Marquis de Sade, presides over a reign of terror that has yet to end.

Revolutionary soldiers arrest an ailing Doctor as a curfew breaker. Dodo is recruited by a band of wandering players whose intentions are less than pure. Deep in the dungeons of the Bastille, Prisoner 6 tries desperately to remember who he is. And outside time and space, a gathering of aliens watch in horror as their greatest experiment goes catastrophically wrong.