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the king of terror

bbc books #077

Written by: Keith Topping

Publication Date: 6 November 2000
ISBN: 0 563 53802 3
Pages: 275

Main Characters: The Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough, the Brigadier and UNIT

Setting: between The Awakening and Frontios

back cover blurb

'All this useless beauty. All these great leaps forward. And for what? So that the first alien with an advanced degree in interplanetary warfare can take it all from you?'

As the millennium draws to a close, the future of humankind hinges on the activities of one multimedia company, InterCom. Suspecting that old mistakes are being repeated, the Brigadier asks the Doctor and his companions to investigate the company¬s Los Angeles headquarters. But their infiltration is disrupted by the murderous games of terrorists seeking the fulfilment of age-old prophecies.

While the Doctor and UNIT encounter aliens in the boardroom, Tegan meets a pop star, Turlough finds himself a victim of his own desires and Los Angeles becomes a war zone in which humanity is merely a helpless bystander.