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the one doctor

big finish doctor who audio adventures #027

Director: Gary Russell
Producer: Gary Russell
Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Writer: Clayton Hickman

Release Date: December 2001
Duration: 109' 06"

Main Characters: the Sixth Doctor and Mel

cast information

Colin Baker (The Doctor); Bonnie Langford (Mel); Christopher Biggins (Banto Zame); Clare Buckfield (Sally-Anne Stubbins); Matt Lucas (Cylinder); Matt Lucas (The Jelloid); Stephen Fewell (Councillor Potikol); Stephen Fewell (Assembler 2); Nicholas Pegg (Citizen Sokkery); Nicholas Pegg (Mentos); Jane Goddard (The Questioner); Adam Buxton (Assembler 1); Mark Wright (Guard);

crew information

Jacqueline Rayner (Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide); Alistair Lock (Music Composition); Alistair Lock (Recording); Alistair Lock (CD Mastering); Alistair Lock (Sound Design); Alistair Lock (Post Production); Clayton Hickman (Front Cover);

episode information

Title Duration Blurb
Part One 22' 15" In their prison, Mel tells the Doctor that she can't bear the noise. The Doctor tells her to concentrate to fight the weapon, but it's destroying their minds...
Part Two 26' 40" Mel reassures Banto that there's probably nothing to worry about. Suddenly, Banto starts to act very afraid as an assembler shouts out 'Humans have entered the storage bay! Disassemble them, disassemble them now!'
Part Three 33' 32" As the Doctor struggles to free the diamond, Sally-Ann cries out as a horrible being of Jelly sneaks up on the Doctor and devours him whole. Banto tells Mel to face it, he's lunch...
Part Four 26' 27" As the fireworks explode above them in celebration, the Doctor tells Mel that at this moment in time there is only room in the universe for the one Doctor...

back cover blurb

When the evil Skelloids launch an attack upon the seventeen worlds of the Generios system, its peace-loving inhabitants face total destruction.

So it's lucky that the Doctor, that famous traveller in time and space, is in the area, and that he, along, with his pretty young assistant, Sally-Anne, he manages to defeat the deadly creatures and save the day.

But now it looks as though the Doctor's luck has run out.

Who is the mysterious, curly-haired stranger, intent on causing trouble? What role does the feisty redhead Melanie play in his scheme? And what have they to do with the sinister alien cylinder approaching Generios?

One thing is certain: for the Doctor and Sally-Anne, there's deadly danger ahead...

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