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dust breeding

big finish doctor who audio adventures #021

Director: Gary Russell
Producer: Gary Russell
Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Writer: Mike Tucker

Release Date: June 2001
Duration: 103' 48"

Main Characters: the Seventh Doctor and Ace

cast information

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor); Sophie Aldred (Ace); Geoffrey Beevers (The Master); Geoffrey Beevers (Seta); Caroline John (Madame Salvadori); Louise Faulkner (Bev Tarrant); Ian Ricketts (Guthrie); Mark Donovan (Klemp); Johnson Willis (Damien Pierson); Gary Russell (Jay Banks); Alistair Lock (Albert Bootle); Jez Fielder (Skredsvig); Jane Goddard (Maggie);

crew information

Jacqueline Rayner (Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide); Russell Stone (Music Composition); Alistair Lock (Recording); Alistair Lock (CD Mastering); Gareth Jenkins (Sound Design); Gareth Jenkins (Post Production); Clayton Hickman (Front Cover);

episode information

Title Duration Blurb
Part One 27' 17" The planet Duchamp 331 is a glorified garage in a backwater in space. Why, then, have a colony of artists made it their home and why does Edvard Munch's painting The Scream hang in their gallery?
Part Two 21' 42" What is Madam Salvadori's interest in Damien and his colony of artists? And just what is the agenda of her mysterious masked benefactor? On board the pleasure cruiser Gallery the first death has occurred.
Part Three 24' 42" Gallery has arrived in orbit, and Damien reveals his masterplan. Soon the Doctor realises that everyone on the planet is doomed, and that an ancient and terrible weapon is about to be set free.
Part Four 29' 57" With the Warp Core unleashed, the Doctor is running out of options and running out of time. He believes that Gallery is a safe refuge, but hasn't counted on the awesome savagery of the Krill.

back cover blurb

On nineteenth Century Earth artist Edvard Munch hears an infinite scream pass through nature. Centuries later his painting of that Scream hangs in a gallery on the barren dust world Duchamp 331.

Why is there a colony of artists on a planet that is little more than a glorified garage? What is the event that the passengers of the huge, opulent pleasure cruiser 'Gallery' are hoping to see? And what is hidden in the crates that litter the cargo hold?

The Doctor's diary indicates that the painting is about to be destroyed in 'mysterious circumstances', and when he and Ace arrive on Duchamp 331, those circumstances are well underway.

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