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big finish doctor who audio adventures #002

Director: Nicholas Briggs
Producer: Gary Russell
Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Writer: Mark Gatiss

Release Date: October 1999
Duration: 83' 19"

Main Characters: the Fifth Doctor and Turlough

cast information

Peter Davison (The Doctor); Mark Strickson (Turlough); David Ryall (Sir Nikolas Valentine); Steven Wickham (Dr. Samuel Holywell); Jonathan Rigby (Edmund Carteret); Jez Fielder (Major Billy Lovemore); Jez Fielder (Poltrot); Julia Dalkin (Hannah Fry); Mark Gatiss (Jasper Jeake); David Walliams (Quincy Flowers); Nicholas Briggs (Henry Gaunt);

crew information

Stephen Cole (Executive Producer for BBC Worldwide); Alistair Lock (Music Composition); Alistair Lock (Sound Design); Alistair Lock (Post Production); Harvey Summers (Recording); Harvey Summers (CD Mastering); James Arnott (Front Cover);

episode information

Title Duration Blurb
Part One 19' 37" The Doctor and Turlough materialize in London, 1702. What strange terror is lurking in the streets, and what has the infamous Diabola Club to do with it all?
Part Two 21' 54" Turlough has fled, sensing the presence of something evil. Meanwhile, the Doctor sets about solving a series of mysterious disappearances.
Part Three 21' 19" When Dr. Holywell's sťance picks up radio signals rather than messages from the other side, the Doctor scents the involvement of an alien power. Elsewhere, Turlough and Jasper Jeake prepare to face the Devil.
Part Four 26' 09" The Doctor discovers the truth about Major Billy Lovemore, and realises he is facing an enemy who would wipe London off the map.

back cover blurb

The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Turlough to the London of 1702 where a mysterious highwayman roams the streets, a local occultist has made contact with the dead and gentlemen of fashion are disappearing, only to find themselves in a chamber where walls weep blood...

The time-travellers become enmeshed in the hideous plans of Sir Nikolas Valentine, a gambler at the mysterious Diabola Club who always seems to have a winning hand...

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