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about the wallpapers

All of the wallpapers on this site have been designed by myself (Jason Fraser), and have been provided in resolutions of 800x600 and 1024x768, which seem to be the most common screen resolutions in use.

The wallpapers have been designed primarily in Adobe Photoshop 6, with images and/or textures either created by myself or culled from various sources (usually screen captures from video, or scans from other websites). Each wallpaper has been designed in a style reminiscent of "widescreen" or "letterboxed" movies, with two horizontal bands of black (or in some cases, solid colour) at the top and bottom of each image.

one more thing...

This wallpapers page at design.varos has been set up in good faith, where I (Jason Fraser) showcase my effort, work and skill in creating wallpapers.

It's NOT nice to take these themes from this page and put them on your site without asking first.

If you do run an interested site, and would like to showcase some or all of the themes here, please contact me first. I always reply to reasonable, polite requests and usually a mutual agreement and arrangement is found. - Thanks.


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